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Besides relaxing and enjoying the quietness of the island, the guests can do several kinds of activities to get the most out of their stay at La Sistina.




La Sistina has several options for practicing water sports, making the experience at the lake the best possible. The guest can hire a boat trip, a certainly enjoyable experience that is ideal for appreciating the beautiful landscape. Kayaking is also possible and is perfect for those who want to explore the lake rowing across it or along the shore. And for extreme sports lovers, we offer lessons and the necessary equipment to practice water skiing, wakeboarding or kitesurfing.
































We have all the gear needed to do this activity, so those fond of fishing can do it without worrying about anything. The exclusivity and the quiet atmosphere of the island allow the visitor to pick the best spot to fish feeling relaxed and having no interruptions. It is also possible to practice boat fishing, since Guaminí, having a strong fishing tradition, has the best guides who offer safe and reliable excursions.




Biking and hiking throughout the whole extension of the island is possible because it has marked paths that allow the visitor to comfortably admire the best sights of the place. This kind of activity is best enjoyed at dawn, when the landscape and the fauna come into view with the first rays of the sun, and at dusk, when the natural spectacle of the sunset on the lake can be appreciated.
































This is the perfect activity for those enthusiastic photographers who feel passionate about capturing the natural flora and fauna of the island. Undoubtedly, one of La Sistina´s main attractions is its diverse ecosystem which includes a considerable variety of bird and mammal species such as flamingos, pheasants, ducks, peacocks, deer, antelopes, guanacos, hares, vizcachas, and maras. Due to the natural diversity of the island, a photographic safari in search of the best shot that combines landscapes and animals could be a great adventure to which the visitor can dedicate full days.




The guests have the opportunity of sitting at our exclusive bar entirely made of French oak barrels to taste different wine varieties. The spacious and warm living-dining room with its fireplace and its stunning view of the gardens and lake invite us to enjoy this activity, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.