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¿What to do?

In addition to the rest and tranquility that the island offers, different activities can be carried out that allow the guest to fully enjoy their stay at La Sistina.


A short boat ride is the best way to appreciate the landscape and enjoy a pleasant and peaceful moment. We also have Kayaks for those who want to live the adventure of make a trip crossing the lagoon or bordering the island.



















































For those who prefer challenges and extreme sports we also offer the chance to practice waterski and wakeboard with classes and full equipment.


From August to December is the windy season in this region, this condition is ideal for kitesurfing. We offer classes with certified instructors and with full equipment according to rookies and experts.












































This activity  is ideal for enthusiastic photographers who are passionate about capturing the island’s flora and fauna in their natural state. Without a doubt, one of the great attractions of La Sistina is its diverse ecosystem, which has a considerable variety of species such as: flamingos, pheasants, ducks, peacocks, deer, antelopes, guanacos, hares, vizcachas and maras.

Thanks to the natural biodiversity of the island, taking a photographic safari looking for the best shot that combines landscapes and animals can be a great adventure to which you can dedicate entire days.


You can take walks and bike rides through the entire extension of the island, which has paths that allow you to admire the best views of the place. The best times to enjoy this activity are at dawn, when the landscape and animal diversity are illuminated by the first rays of the morning sun, and at DAWN, when you can appreciate the wonderful natural spectacle that the sunset offers In the lagoon.













































We have all the necessary elements so that those fans of fishing can do it without worries. In addition, the exclusivity and tranquility of the island allow the visitor to choose their preferred place to fish relaxed and without any interruption. It is also possible to carry out this activity on board a boat, since Guaminí, being a town with a strong fishing tradition, has the best guides, who offer their services to carry out full days safely and reliably.


If you want to experience magical sunsets and nights full of stars or full moon we propose a fire on the shore of the lagoon, fire creates a cozy atmosphere and water a peaceful one.






























We make a journey through time to tell the history of the place, from the writings recorded in the desert campaign, the first owners, their heirs, the Countess and each stage of the “La Sistina Island” up to the present day.


We offer the guest the opportunity to sit in our exclusive bar built entirely with French oak barrels to taste different varieties of wines. The spacious and warm living-dining room with its fireplace and its imposing view of the park and the lagoon invite you to enjoy this special activity and transform it into a unique experience.